ridin dirty alllllll daaaayyy

ridin dirty alllllll daaaayyy

So last night involved a lot of beer.

Good news: I texted congruently and grammatically correct, I had a lot but still remember everything, people were funny as shit, I didn’t die, swimming was fun, I found out that I get de-pantsed really easy but am apparently not too concerned about it when I am intoxicated, and Wes and I have way too much energy at 7 in the morning after a night like that. Oh and I didn’t die.

Bad news: Hangovers are a real thing, I feel as if I fell off a building, my heel is fucking painful from walking to breakfast drunk, I text people I don’t always want to when inebriated, Its not a good idea to see how many people you can hold up on your back, its a worse idea to try a hand stand on a rope (especially when you cant do hand stands), the house i was at had oddly placed light switches so falling over shit was a thing. Lastly, I thought I was going to die even though I was laughing after.

TL;DR = Fun Fuckin Night 

I’m not a check point I’m a destination.

I won’t hold a place that isn’t mine, I’ll make my own and if you wont let me I won’t stay. Life is too short to sit around wasting away with people who just want you to be someone else. This is my show now.